Thursday, November 19, 2009

diet...FAIL, new job, and...possible giveaway??

So, I said I was going on a diet, but it failed miserably..AGAIN!
It's almost Thanksgiving, and we're having this huge lunch at church Sunday so I'm going to start Monday.
FOR REAL this time..
There should be a punishment or something whenever I don't follow it...
Is there anyone who wants to do it together?
I think I put this on the post before, but I'm doing an elimination diet.
For two weeks, I'm going to eat vegetables and fruit only..I might add protein because I need my nutrients for my too tall body haha
Then after that I'll be adding wheat, dairy, etc to see if I'm allergic to anything
and of course, EXERCISE!!!
Anyone have any success with dieting?? I'd like to know if you do!! It would be great motivation for me :]

I also got a job!!!
I start training tomorrow! I'm so excited!
I'm got a job at a UPS store.
My mom found an ad in the Korean newspaper and she called.
The owner asked me to come in yesterday, so my mom and I went to see her.
I thought I have seen the owner before...but we talked and she asked me what church I go to. I told her I go to New Gate and she told me that she's a mom of one of the kids in youth!!
I remembered her when she told me.
I saw her when she came in with her son. Denver is such a small place..everyone who lives in Denver knows almost everyone....
It's a small small world
My brother wants to work there too, but I told him to find another job because he keeps following me!! First, school and now work..NO THANK YOU! It's enough that I see him at home..geesh hahaha

11 followers!!! :D
I know it's not a lot, but it's a lot for a start!
I'm very excited hahaha.
I'm thinking of doing a giveaway..keyword thinking.
So look out!!!


kechiko said...

Hi Grace!

OMG I'm exactly the same as you... I always say I'm gonna start my diet on a certain day, but then something comes up and my plan is ruined :(

I'm actually considering a 2 week cabbage soup diet.. have you heard of it? I'll totally do a diet plan with you!!


M.A.C.nunu said...

Hi sweetie, thanks for following my blog xD.
Good luck on the new job!

Toothfairy said...

congrats on the job! good luck on the training :)