Sunday, September 26, 2010

HAUL: Forever 21

I bought a few things from the forever 21 site.
I didn't get them yet, but I'm hoping to get them soon....
So, here's what I got

Cowboy Inspired Boots
I have NO idea why I got these and how I'm going to where them, but I think it's not bad to have a pair of cowboy looking boots...I'm sure they'll come in handy some day haha

I got two pearl necklaces.

(They don't have the picture for the other one I got, but it looks something like this)

and I got a rabbit pendant necklace..which they don't have online anymore..
(image sources:

I apologize for my poor blogging abilities. I know pictures are the best part to a blog, but..................if you have read my other posts, I still have yet to buy a battery charger >___< ..I FAIL sigh I'll get it...eventually hehe

But I really thank you for reading my blog! It makes me so happy that there are actually people who read my posts haha


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review and GIVEAWAY (CLOSED): Misikko

I was contacted a month ago or so and asked to do a review on two hair products for a company called Misikko. The company sells a wide variety of hair products and stylers.

The two products I was sent to review were:

CHI Silk Infusion (

What the website says:
CHI Silk Infusion™ - Reconstructing Complex is specially formulated for thermal styling and hair repair. CHI Silk Infusion contains no alcohol, so it won't dry your hair out as a leave in treatment - and it'll leave your hair with the head-turning, lustrous shine of pure silk.

Authentic CHI Guarantee
Farouk CHI Silk Infusion Features:

* Leave in, alcohol free reconstructing treatment
* Enriched with pure natural silk, wheat and soy proteins
* For soft manageable hair with incredible shine and no build up
* Protects the hair against thermal styling and environment

My thoughts:
I thought the product would be more of a gel consistency, but it was an oil. It smells like Hollister/A&F perfume or cologne, but it's nothing that bothered me. If you don't like that smell, then I would not recommend this product. After I curled my hair, it wasn't as hot as it would have been if I had not used the product. It really does protect from the heat and it feels very soft. I have thin hair and it's been a while since I styled it, but my hair did not feel damaged at all!

Rating: 4/5...Honestly, this is my first time using any heat protectant products on my hair, so I really can't give it a high review without experimenting with others.


Hana Shine Shield Thermal Leave in Protectant

What the website says:
Hana Shine Shield is the latest product in a line committed to safe, effective heat styling. Shine Shield is a thermal serum that can be used as a leave-in conditioner - lightweight and never greasy, it protects and strengthens hair whether you use it with a flat iron, hair dryer or alone. Shine Shield contains the natural magic of Jojoba oil for its superb qualities of deep moisturization, fast absorption into hair follicles and scalp, and unparalleled shimmer & shine. 6 oz.

Hana Shine Shield Features:

* Lightweight leave-in conditioning therapy
* Designed to protect and restore both hair and scalp from environmental and styling stress
* Jojoba absorbs quickly without a greasy feel for thorough deep conditioning
* Jojoba naturally dissolves soil, removing build-up from other styling products to leave hair clean & supple
* Jojoba naturally excels at thickening keratin layers, bringing out your hair's natural color overtones, highlights and brilliance
* Periodic use over time is proven to advance the quality of your hair & the health of your scalp

My thoughts:
This product is just like CHI except the smell and consistency is different. This one is a bit more runny. I like the fact that it has jojoba oil and does a lot more than what CHI can do.

Rating: 4/5

OVERALL for both products: 4/5
I like both products, but I like the Hana shine shield a bit more.


I know..I fail at hosting giveaways..BUT this time is for real!
Misikko suggested that I do a giveaway for my followers, and you have many chances of winning!

1) Must be 18 years or older. If you are younger than 18, you MUST have parent permission BECAUSE the company will be sending the products to you.
2) You must live in United States or Canada
3) You are allowed up to 5 entries
-Be a follower of my blog
-Follow Misikko on Twitter
-Blog about giveaway on your personal website
-Join Misikko Newsletter
4) For the 5th entry, you must answer this question: What is your favorite every day hairstyle?

This giveaway will end on September 30th at 11:59PM!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Man Leggings = Meggings??!

First skinny jeans, and now leggings??!?! for MEN!??!!
I love fashion, but when it comes to men fashion, it's....weird and questionable.
It took me a while to accept skinny jeans, so maybe it'll be the same with these leggings???

Seriously..guys need to stop copying us's just not right..

What do you guys think??

Saturday, September 11, 2010


These girls never fail to impress me
Their music is so catchy and trendy!
What do you guys think?

my number favorite is hands down CL!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Culinary Flags

"Last year the Sydney International Food Festival used food and flags to promote the event. such a cute concept as each country used iconic foods from their country to recreate their flag. Take a look!"





For more culinary flags, go here:


I would have never thought of this idea haha

Japanese Precision

Now this is called team work!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Wong Fu Productions

I'm sure all or many of us have heard of Wong Fu Productions
and you probably watched their new video "The Allergy"
I just wanted to share it because it became a recent favorite :]

If you liked it, GO SUPPORT WFP!!

ACESSORIES: carlashes

it's really pointless, but...ok (.___.)

(image: google)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

포화 속으로 --71 Into The Fire

The movie is about the South and North Korean war and 71 students who played a very important role in the war.

My mom told me that they were doing a special screening for this movie in the States and I think it's been out for a week..maybe longer? I don't know how long the movie will be in theaters, but there's only one theater here that is showing it. She also told me that the purpose was for students to really see what it was like during the war.

I was also excited when I heard that T.O.P, Kwon Sang Woo, Cha Seung Won along with other famous actors were in the movie.
The graphics were really good, but I don't think any good war movie can really capture the moment back in time.

I don't really know a lot of Korean history because I've lived in America for a really long time. So, I was very excited to go watch it.
After watching this movie, I really want to learn Korean history..I am Korean so it only makes sense to learn my history...there are more reasons but they sound racist so, I'll just keep them to myself