Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm changing services with my brother..we're going to AT&T because they give student discounts on bills and stuff
I like verizon better, but whatever..

AT&T doesn't have a lot of options.
It's either the iPhone or Blackberry.
All their other phones are crap so.....

Which one should I get??



Blackberry Bold 9700


Desiree said...

I would have to choose the Blackberry!
I am dying waiting for September to roll around, when it does I get to upgrade to a Blackberry for only like $50, i can't wait!

kechiko said...

I have a Blackberry.. that I love.. hehe but I think you should get the iphone because it has fun stuff! Bberry is for old farts like me :p

yumiko said...

iphone. you can do more with apps, surfing web etc.
but if you text more, then blackberry.