Wednesday, February 3, 2010

diet blog #5 -- exhaustion

I went to work out today, but I was very tired and sore so I didn't give as much effort..... :/
I ran and walked for 45 minutes, but today I didn't run as long...
So, I think I'm going to workout every other day or something.....*shrug*

today's food log..
Breakfast: 1 bowl fat free vanilla yogurt with granola, 1 small gala apple, 1 slice cheese pizza
Snack: 1 banana, 1 cheese stick, 3 Twizzlers
Lunch: 8" Mushroom Philly Cheesesteak at a place called Pat's..I went with a few people from church. A lot of us go to school on the same campus in downtown, so we decided to meet up to day and have lunch. It was kind of weird to see everyone because I'm not used to seeing them at school. I'm busy doing my own thing at school, and I only see them at church..but it was fun to hang out at school :]
Snack: bag of chips, half bag of chips my brother gave me..
Dinner: Chicken with scoop of coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and biscuit from Church's chicken..

I ate dinner after working out...NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

Today, the things I ate was crap!!! Ugh! I have no time to go grocery shopping because I have to work and I'm at school all day and...sigh..I'm going to have more time after this week. This is the last week of tutoring..FINALLY!! It's actually babysitting, but I get paid for it so I can't complain :/

I feel so exhausted and I didn't do anything today.
Went to school and exercised..... (.__.)
maybe I should go to sleep hahaha

piiiccctttuurreee time!!

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kechiko said...

Aww I love the pics you've been posting up!

p.s. mailing out the makeup today!!

kechiko said...

and OMG I LOOOVE Church's chicken!!! My fav!

Desiree said...

When I saw you went to Pat's I was almost like "Omg you have a Pat's where you are? Where are you from?!" But then I realized we are both from Colorado haha I looooove Pat's!

abby =) said...

i like that you add a foodblog portion to your site. it helps really keep track of what you eat everyday.. i've been meaning to do something like that, but not on my site.. but kudoos on the working out cause i can't even get myself to the gym, lol

grace said...

@kechiko: the biscuits are my favorite!! I cut it open and put honey all over it..yum :] but..I failed my diet and exercise yesterday -__-

@Desiree: hahaha I went for the first time..I've been dying for some Philly cheesesteak! It looked pricey at first, but it was worth it in the end haha

@abby=): why thank you took me....6 months to go back?? I'm pretty proud of myself for at least driving down to the gym haha