Tuesday, February 9, 2010

diet blog #6 -- measurements

I was looking around my room and I happened to find this card.

I bought work out DVDs called Core Rhythms and one of the things that comes with it is this tracker card.

So...I decided to fill it out.

All these big numbers make me so depressed!! D:

Chest: 39 inches
Left and Right upper arm: 12 inches
Waist: 35 inches
Hips: 39 inches
Left and Right Thigh: 22 inches
Left and Right Calf: 16.5 inches (I added calf because it wasn't on the card)

I starting weight as of today is 164 lbs.
I haven't lost anything since I lost 2 lbs two weeks ago >_<

I want to my measurements to be 36-26-36 or somewhere around there. It's supposed to be the ideal body measurement for women, but I know that every girl is different and unique. It doesn't hurt to try though..right?

And as of today, I am going to stop eating carbs..good or bad.
I know I need carbs, but they're not helping me lose weight.
For now, I'm going to stop and I'm gradually going to add carbs to my diet.

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Desiree said...

I also cut out cars - good or bad.
When I say carbs, I mean obvious carbs. Breads, pastas, etc.
It really helps. It can be tough cause you feel hungry more often. It doesn't last long, though. Just fill up on protein!!