Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I got my MAC package!!!!
It took a week to get here...maybe 6 days???
I wish it would come sooner, but the tax is so much cheaper online than going to the store and buying it, so the wait is worth it.
I'll still go to the store because I'm a very impatient person..


I got a few things from the Warm and Cozy Collection.

By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish
Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish
Nurture Shadestick
Cuddle Shadestick
2N lipglass

I'm so excited to try these out!!
I couldn't wait for this collection to come out and I finally got the stuff!!

I'm glad these came in today because I was having a crappy day but all is good :]

My brother ordered the battery charger for our digital camera, so I'll post pictures if it comes...if not I'll use my crappy camera phone like always...

I made a video!!! It's my first video and I'm kind of embarrassed, but I hope you guys like it :]
and sorry for the bad quality..I used my webcam and the lighting sucks, but it will have to do for now..

P.S. I'm trying to find ways to make this blog as pretty and cool as possible, but until, I am so grateful for those who read my blog!!! THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! GOD BLESS <3

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