Thursday, January 28, 2010

diet blog #2

I kind of screwed up my food plan today...

actually..BIG time

Breakfast: two slices high fiber multigrain toast with hummus
Lunch: 6" Spicy Italian on wheat bread from Subway..I put spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, banana peppers, olives and provolone cheese. It had pepperoni and salami.
Snack: small red seedless grapes, half Big Mac
Dinner: Milk and apple fries from Burger King.

Exercise: 1 hour treadmill -- walking on incline 3.0 at 3.5 speed, ran..I ran longer than two minutes today!! I didn't feel tired at all, but of course I had to stop for no reason after 4 minutes -__- and I lifted weights for the first time at the gym!! It's not that bad...the machines are really easy to use. I went with my friend and it was really nice to have someone to talk to while working out. The time seemed to go by really fast too!!

so TIP of the day: Find a diet/workout buddy!! Buddies are great support!!

I'm afraid my calves are going to be bulkier than they already are. I never had skinny legs it too much to ask for skinny legs?!?!?! D:
I hope they'll slim down..I want to wear some skinny jeans!!! T_T

So, I've been working at Burger King for the two weeks now.
I always said I would NEVER work at a fast food restaurant, but look at me now..sigh.
But it's good experience..some say it's good on resumes???
So, today's assistant manager made me practice the drive thru. It wasn't that bad UNTIL a whole flock of cars come at once!!!! It's so hard to remember everything!! I have move fast and it's really hard because you can't have people waiting.
But he said I was doing well and it made me happy haha.


So that was my experience of the day. You really do learn something everyday..

More picture time!!

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Nana Suzuki
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Comic_Cat said...

wow,such pretty girls! Love their style too!

kechiko said...

Hey Grace! Wow good for you exercising and eating so healthy - you should be proud of yourself for how well you've done so far, and if you stray a bit from the diet..well, don't feel bad about it, I'm sure you'll get right back on track!

If you're interested in the MAC Shadowy Lady palette, I'll give it to you but just ask that you cover shipping? If not, just let me know.. I think someone else wants it too hehe. MAC is so popular!

Anonymous said...

I told myself that to "I'd never work in a fast food restaurant".I though I was so "good" for that,but now a realized money is money.Work and earn yours.I'm working out to and dieting,it's good to know your motivated again chika~
I adore kumikki shes my idol~And my motivation/inspiration.

Enchanted Little Things said...

its really hard, i understand how you feel. its so hard to lose weight but so easy to gain sigh

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