Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sister Appreciation Day

So, it was Sister's Appreciation Day today at church..actually yesterday.
(It's already Saturday hahaa)
All the guys prepared a dinner for all of us girls..
it turned out better than I thought it would :]

The time was formal..kind of like homecoming...

We got free valet of the guys opened the doors for me too! :D
Then there was a red carpet and footprints leading to the room.
We had an usher who took us to our seats.
They decorated the room with lights and balloons and streamers..
Each table had waiters, and they brought us drinks and our food.

Apps: Salad with smoked salmon
Entree: Pasta with choices of steak, chicken, or seafood combo..sauce: alfredo, marinara, or combo
Dessert: Hot brownie with ice cream

During dinner, we had a small band play music for us^^

even though there was some issues with service..nevertheless, it was still good
it was the cutest think ever!! I never expected the guys to do so much!!
They made me blush hehe

After dinner, we had an award ceremony..they each us an award.
I got the "Tall, Dark, and Beautiful Award"...I knew it was's so obvious because I'm the tallest one there hahaha
They didn't have a description for mine, so my brother said something.
It was very sweet <3

I had a very good time!!
All the brothers did such a great job! They're so amazing <3>

Here are some pictures...the quality is not great because I took the pictures on my phone..
I didn't get to take a lot of pictures either so I'm missing a lot of people..especially the girls :[

Me taking pics before leaving

Our red carpet..later used as a runway

Manager: Hyun Woo

Head Chef: Kevin
(poor Kevin..he looks so tired. He did cook for all 30+ people)

Award presenters: Jeff and my brother DK

Me and the waiters: Alex, Jun, Kiyong

We had a little band during our dinner..
this was taken after the even though.
Jimmy (valet assistant) and Alex (waiter)

Head of Valet Parking: Tim

Valet Assistant: Alex

Chef assistants: Jin and Duey

Usher: Justin

Band (guitar): Patty

Waiter: Kiyong

Table mate: Sophia (FINALLY getting her food)

Table mates: Hye Young and So Yeon

Table mate: Jessie

Table number 1...all the tables had these centerpieces but with different numbers

I'm missing..5-6 more guys :[
and the girls!! They were all dressed so nicely. It was very cute :]


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