Saturday, September 5, 2009

new bloooggg

Hello Hello!! :D

I made a new blog today..just out of the blue :]
My other blog is here at
(I just realized that both start with honey hahaha I guess I like honey xD)

I'm going to post the same blogs on both, so I guess there's not point in checking the other one out..

The name's Grace
Um...I guess that's all for now.
As you read through my blog, you'll find out a lot more about me.
I'm currently not able to post any pictures because the USB to my camera disappeared and I can't find it Dx
So, until I figure something blog is going to be pretty boring..
but I shall try to make it lively as well as I can.
Anyways...I hope you guys will take a good look and hopefully follow :]

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