Monday, April 4, 2011

ROAD TRIP!! (03/31/11-04/03/11)

Hi friends!

Six of my fellow friends went on a road trip to Texas.
We left last Thursday at 11PM so that we could get there around noon, so we left after this service/rally at a church.
Our first stop was Colorado Springs because one of our friends goes to school there. We had my mom's GPS and put in the destination, but for some reason it gave us the longer route to Texas. It took us 2-3 hours longer to get there! -___-
One of our drivers drove 9 HOURS!! That's ridiculous! But luckily the car that we rented had cruise control haha.

Luckily, we left at night so we didn't have to look at NOTHING.
The only things you see are


and clouds

and trees

Once you hit Dallas, you see lots of highways

and traffic lights that are sideways!! wwhhhaaattt????

I've seen them in Korea and Japan before but not in the states..

We arrived around 2 in Dallas and went to a Korea Town but it was so ghetto haha Right when I got out of the car it was HOT AND HUMID!

We met Boss' (5 of us are teachers/leaders at church and one is our church EM director so we call her Boss haha) friend that she met at GLDI (Global Leadership Development Institute). He is very nice and short haha so I just HAD to say short jokes around him. I think I might have been too mean, but he's very fun looking and he's an extrovert so I thought it wouldn't get to him haha I wonder....

He was going to show us around after we ate lunch, but we ended up going to King's Sauna because all of us just wanted to relax before the conference.

Our trip was mainly to go to this conference called Passion. It was held in Fort Worth. The conference was about having passion for God and it was geared towards college students. A good number of my favorite Christian artists were there and my favorite speaker, Francis Chan, was there too!

Convention Center

Convention Center Waterfall

We also met one of the guy's friend and she was nice too hhaha..I think everyone is nice, unless you give me a reason not to :]

While we were walking down the streets of Downtown Fort Worth, we found a hotel named after me!! :D It was exciting haha plus they have something called Bubble cut is that?!?!! haha

Before the last session of the conference on Saturday, we ate some nice juicy steak! Steak is a MUST in Texas! We went to Saltgrass..

we have one in Colorado too, but something about the meat was so good! It was very tender and expensive haha..I thought meat would be cheap in Texas...

I had a blushing moment at the restaurant.
I was walking up the stairs to the doors and I held the door open for the other people to get out and one of the guys said "Thanks sweetheart" in a southern accent..EEEEKKKKK!!!! :D LOL It was SO nice of him to say that! I think the only place where you'll hear that is in the south. Seriously, southern hospitality is GREAT! It would be nice to have some of that everywhere else, but I guess that's what makes them special hehe

We left at 9PM on Saturday to get to church on time for service at 9:30AM on Sunday.
Surprisingly, we arrived an hour early than expected..but we took the shorter way that we were supposed to take and Boss drove like 100 mph the second half of the way haha

Our last picture together in Texas

Sorry for the LOOOONNNNGGG post...I think this is the longest yet! hehe ^^;;
I hoped you guys liked
and I'll see you in my next post!

God Bless! <3

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Saving Capulet said...

oh it must have been fun to have a road trip with friends, I never had that with my clique before since our schedules are always in conflict :<