Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what would you do?

Just a while ago, I was driving home from the light rail (our version of the subway) station. I wanted to get onto the left lane so I had my blinker on for a good amount of time. I looked and saw that I had room left for my car to get in through and I thought that the guy behind me was going to let me in..but guess what?

The effin DOUCHE BAG started to speed up and tailed me until he realized what was going on so he pushed on his brakes, honks at me, and gives me the finger. ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU BIG BLIND DUMB***?!??!?! I had my blinker on long enough for him and all the other cars to see!! And he has the guts to honk at me and give me the dang finger..I bet you anything that he thinks Asians are bad drivers and shouldn't be on the streets. I mean, I won't lie...we're not the best, but NO ONE IS GOOD AT DRIVING!!!. Maybe pros but that's about it...Why can't things be closer together so people can walk and get some exercise?!?!?! -___-

Oh how I wish I could have gotten out of the car and broken his little finger..not only that but he pulled up to me and gave it to me AGAIN and mouthed the words! As if once isn't enough. VERY MATURE YOU NASTY WITH AN UGLY FACE!!
You know what would have been even better?
If I had a bat in my car. Seriously..a very nice baseball bat.

I was and still am pissed off to the MAX! I have his license plate number, but I don't think anyone can do anything about it anyways..and I HATE letting things go, even though I have to...eff! I seriously hate people like that..I mean what's the point of driving fast? Are you that INSECURE that you MUST show off to other people? Maybe he was rushing, but no one told him to do things late.

I have so many bad things to happen to him in my mind right now..but it's not going to do me any good. But I really do want to crush him mentally...
but why does my name have to be Grace at times like this?! haha I guess I'm being told to practice the meaning of grace...dang haha

What would you have done?
Has anything like this happen to you before?

I'm sorry for the rant and the language.
and this really feels like dejavu...woah

Peace, Love, Asia
God Bless! <3

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DK said...

huk! hehe talk about rage.. with every reason to be!

Its Di from Comely.. just thought i'd let you know that i've renamed, restarted my blog to! Hope you continue to support, love and follow me through the new blog from now!! xxx