Thursday, December 2, 2010


This past Monday was my youngest brother's 10th birthday, so on Sunday he had a birthday party with two of his good friends from church.

The cake from Whole Foods

with the friends

los padres

the three of us

(I just noticed my brother and I are wearing the same colors..eww haha)

blowing the candles

trying to cute the cake aha

Of course he is spoiled because he is the baby of the family, but I'm very thankful because he's the peace maker in the house. His happiness brings light not just at home, but wherever he is...he's just too popular haha


Mara said...

Well, Happy Birthday to your brother, he's too cute. Reminds me of the little boy from the movie "UP". Your other brother (in red) is also very handsome. Holla Holla. LOL.

kellyyes said...

hehe i also got the seche vite from ulta lately since it was on sale.