Friday, December 24, 2010

merry christmas!!

Today we had Christmas Eve service. It was more of a performance thingy.

I just got home and remembered to take pictures of my FOTD and OFTD, but I took my outfit off at church for a performance I was in.

So after a long day at church...this is what I look like haha (my eyelashes look like they're about to fall off!) I was in a rush's very simple

Products used:
MAC Mineralize Foundation in NC40
Victoria's Secret concealer palette
Two Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer
MAC Bare Study paint pot
MAC Gold Mode pigment
MAC number 7 lashes
MAC Smolder eyeliner pencil
MAC gel liner in
MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara
Covergirl's blush in Classic Pink

LIPS I had on a creamsheen from MAC but I lost it :[

Having a monolid and putting on makeup isn't easy, especially without double eyelid tape, but I have to manage with what I have

A group of people plus me did a black light performance to a song called We Are The Reason by Avalon but it's the Korean version of the song. A friend of mine learned this with her group when she went to Korea and Japan for a mission trip, so she taught us.

Unfortunately you can't see the whole thing because my mom was sitting in the back and there was a grandpa filming in the middle of the can see almost everything except a cross, other eye, Merry, and Christmas. The thing at the end of life is supposed to be a heart haha
It took us a good two months to practice, but it was worth it :]

Some of these were taken during Saturday and others were me today when I got home haha

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Sarah said...

your makeup looks great, your skin has a beautiful glow!