Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DON'T SAY IT IS SO!!! plus Memorial Day


Today was the last day of real shopping..
I won't be able to buy makeup or clothes or shoes..NOTHING!!
only the essentials like food and gas.


June 10th is going to be my last day of working before my "VACATION"
I asked my store manager for two months off during the summer because I have MANDATORY things that I have to do.
1) VBS (Vacation Bible School)
2) Peru Mission Trip
3) Church summer retreat

I would go to work in between events, BUT I would only be working 1-2 weeks and none of my co-workers would like that..even though they don't care. The district manager wouldn't like it so...the store manager said that I could come back when fall semester starts.

So, I need to save the money for bills..and more bills sigh

I think this is my punishment or lesson from God... :[

oh well hahaha

On Memorial Day, my parents and youngest brother and I went to Estes Park.
I was debating whether I should go or not, but I haven't spend a lot of time with my family so I decided to go.

My brother and I rode go-karts, bumper boats, bumper cars, and mini golfed with dad.

My brother is really good!! He got two hole in ones!!
But mini golf turned into mini hockey hahaha

I tried this trampoline thingy and it was pretty scary haha
Little kids can jump higher and do flips and turns and I only thing I can do is jump and scream..I'm such a wuss hahaha

We came back home earlier than expected, so my parents showed me these model homes they really liked and then we ate some really tasty ribs..yum :]


JaikeKun said...

o.o oh i like ur blog ^^
im from Lima - Peru xD

for your
Peru Mission Trip
you mean the one in south america or in usa?


Anonymous said...

oooo that looks fun dude