Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reckless Adventure: Part Three


We found a couple cave with names all over the walls

KEEP OFF...oooppppsss

Trying to figure out what to do next..

This park is very breath taking..The mountains have names based on the way it's formed/shaped, but I don't have pictures and it's better to go look at them yourself anyways hehehe :P

I realized that I have been talking Colorado for granted. I lived here for basically my whole childhood and teenage years. I always thought Colorado is boring, but there's SO much to see! It can get pretty boring, but it's nice to know that I can go to these places and relax and get a good workout.
My legs are pretty sore, but I LOVE being sore hahaha I feel like I'm losing weight haha xD

If any of you guys have the chance, come and check these places out!!


Shou-chan said...

awwww nice pictures!!
looks as if you had lots of fun :3

Desiree said...

omgosh!! This makes me want to go hiking sooooo bad now! Colorado is full of great places to hike. :)

Viva La Fashion said...

i love the third picture. it made me smile. :)