Friday, March 26, 2010

iPhone 4G and pink...REAL or RUMOR??

A pink iPhone?!?! Sounds too good to be true!!
I would definitely get it, but..........too bad it's just a RUMOR!!! Dx
I think they should make them in every color like the iPods..

Supposedly, the new iPhone 4G is supposed to come out this year.

• Titanium and Glass.
• OLED screen
• 3G
• Front camera for iChat
• Removable battery
• 3.2 Megapixel camera
• Video
• 32 GB

Could it just be a rumor???
Hhhmmmmmm.....I wonder....

What do you guys think??


sophia said...

Hehe I think you have the cutest nose!

I want an iphone... too bad i have to wait for my stupid Verizon contract to end >.<

•☀•RASPBERRY JAM•☀• said...

hihi ^^

i got these lashes from claire's store
here is the link that u can see how they look like (these are the 2nd ones, luscious eylashes):