Saturday, March 27, 2010


My first giveaway and contest was an...EPIC FAIL!!! T_T
Only four people entered and no one entered for the contest...
It was very disappointing, but *shrug* oh well.
(I even forgot the reason why I started this haha oopss ^^;;)

Anyways...I wrote the names of the four people who entered on separate sticky notes.

I folded them

and put them into a small bag and I asked my youngest brother to draw them be fair


the first prize goes to.....*drum roll*

1st place: kechiko
-Prize: two Victoria's Secret lotions, and three earrings (a pair of either black or white Dior earrings..first place chooses first and two other pairs) and goodies

2nd place: Shaim
-Prize: The pair of Dior earrings that were not chosen by the first place winner and another pair and goodies

3rd place: sstardesire
-Prize: last pair or earrings and goodies

4th place: yuri
-Prize: small goodies

I really thank all four winners for participating in this giveaway. It's my first giveaway so the prizes do not seem as amazing like other giveaways, but I promise they will get better each time.

I know I'm like 4 months overdue on this, but I finally got the chance to pick the winners!! I will contact each of you individually and let you know when it is your time to pick your prize, so check your emails!!

Here is the link to see the prizes:

Stay tuned for more giveaways and awesome prizes!! :]


Life of Temptation said...

Congratulations to the winnerr:O Argh this is what happens when I don't come on blog often anymore. i would of participate :( grrr.. Hiii graceeee how are ya doing:D!!!
Cindy xoxo

sophia said...

YAAAAAY I'm a winnnnner!!! Woot! THANK YOU Grace!

I think the reason there weren't more entries is b/c there was no link to the contest on your homepage? Like, you know how you posted about it, but then after you write the next post no one could see that there was a giveaway anymore unless they read through all the old ones? Lucky for me, I saw the original post.

Ok, so I don't wanna keep the other gals waiting, here is what I picked:
Black Dior, bows, and 3 hearts :)

The clovers are SO cute.. but I had to pick the ones that I can change to clip-on hehe.

THANK YOU SO MUCH GRACE!!! You're so sweet and generous to do this!

Post more please! ^_~ And, as I was browsing some of your old posts, have you been using those diet slippers? Curious how they're working out..

Shima said...

Thanks so much Lovely Grace
Just won what i was looking forward to have
heheheh Love what i am gonna have I have that's crazy passion for earring
and i will do a post about it in my makeup blog
Join me and be one of my follower

Aninha said...

you own a very nice blog ^^ I'm following you now!