Sunday, October 25, 2009

major soreness!!

Before I went to sleep last night I did about 30 Hindu squats..
for those who don't know what it is, here's a video

click here

I hope they're very effective because I really want some nice legs haha

but to make it worse,
I had to practice this dance I'm doing for Brothers Appreciation Day at church.
We have to go up and down and do all this stuff, but luckily the dance is easy, so it was a very fast practice
and the day is this Friday, so...we have to get it down quick or we're screwed!!
We're dancing to Ne-yo's's a fast paced song, but our "choreographer" made it a bit slow for us.
Our next practice is Thursday, so hopefully my legs will be better by then..
It's been a while since I danced..I want to dance again!! but no time :[
I just hope I don't look like a retard, because I'm kind of the tallest one out of all the other 11 girls that are dancing..

is it just me, or is it weird if tall girls dance??? :/
then again..there's not many people are tall, so I'm going to think this way...maybe??

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