Saturday, June 5, 2010

BLUSH: Hipness

I was VERY VERY excited for the MAC To The Beach collection


I was not able to buy all the things I wanted because I'm on a tight budget until I come back from Peru in August.

I got one thing

This blush first came out in the MAC Fafi collection, so I was excited to see it again. I really like the packaging of the new collection. It's very summery like the name implies haha

It's a pinky coral and it's a FROST POWDER BLUSH.
This blush gives a really nice rose colored blush when buffed into the skin.
(I'll try to post a picture when my lips are healed :[ I know my lips having nothing to do with my cheeks, but I don't like putting makeup on if something is wrong with my face hahaha..I know it does make sense sorry ^^;;)


It is SOLD OUT online..I'm not sure if they still have it at counters or stores, but by now I have a feeling it is. Maybe it'll be restocked online in a few weeks or so..let's hope!! *cross fingers*

I was VERY bummed out because the Marine Life Highlighter was SOLD OUT by the third day!! But it's okay...NOT REALLY :[

oh well :/