Saturday, May 22, 2010

MAC BLUSH: Melba vs Instant Chic


Last week I went on and I was SO happy that they restocked Instant Chic blush from the Pret-a-papier collection. Not only that, but I got a free shipping code during that weekend!! I just had to get it, so I did!!

I heard that Instant Chic was similar or a dupe for Melba blush. But I don't see how that is :/

They are both in the same coral family, but in different groups.
Instant Chic is more pinky coral and Melba is more like a peachy orange coral.
The finishes are different as well. Instant Chic is a sheertone and Melba is a matte.

My recommendation: Get Instant Chic first before it's sold out! Melba is a permanent color so there's no rush.

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sophia said...

Aw Grace I love your bangs! Do you cut them yourself or is it done at salon?

I loove coral! Hmm.. I don't own any blushes.. maybe it's time I invest in one :)