Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reckless Adventure: Part One

My friends and I decided to Pikes Peak and climb the Manitou Incline that's next to the COG railway.

From a distance, it looks like a scar in the middle of the mountain.

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For those who don't know what it is, it's a 1 mile trail up 8600 feet. Originally, it was built for water lines and a hydroelectric plant but it turned into a cable car ride which quickly became a tourist attraction.

There are many people (tourists, Olympic athletes, military, people who just want to get in shape) that go up the incline. The view is absolutely gorgeous!!! Unfortunately, our trip there was a big FAIL!!

We didn't even make 1/4 of it..I started to black out because my body doesn't circulate blood to well in high elevation. My body hasn't been producing much blood lately because of stress and lack of vital nutrients. PLUS my body's not fit enough for it...yet.

I did a really good job parallel parking too!! It was my first time so I was very proud and a bit cocky hahaha


We decided to go to Garden of the Gods instead and go "work out".
Garden of the Gods is a park that has many trails for hiking, walking, biking, etc.

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My friends and I climbed the rocks and stuff..even though you're not supposed to but it's SO hard to resist!! Every time I go, I feel so adventurous and reckless hahaha

To Be Continued...


Shou-chan said...

omg such a great adventure!! :3

sophia said...

Wow the Garden of Gods looks amazing!! I want to go there!! I've never been anywhere that looks like that.

Even though you guys only went 1/4 way up that trail, you still went!! You should be proud you guys even tried :)