Tuesday, February 2, 2010

waking up - more MAC - diet blog #4

01/30/10 Saturday
Breakfast: 1/2 bagel wehat, 1 1/4 muffin with dried raisin and cranberries (I think..)
Lunch/Snack: 1 tall skinny cinnamon dulce latte
Snack: Goldfish, jelly
Dinner: Spring rolls @ church, 1 small slice pizza

Sunday 01/31/10
Breakfast: 1 slice high fiber multigrain with hummus
Snack/brunch: fried rice and vegetable stir fry with sausage
Lunch: 1 small green tea tart frozen yogurt with kiwi and mochi, 5-6 wontons
Dinner: Mash potatoes, salad with Thousand Island, 1/2 baked potato, corn, 1/2 small steak

Monday 02/01/10
Breakfast: 1 small bowl fat free vanilla yogurt, 1 slice high fiber multigrain bread with tuna salad, green grapes
Lunch: Tuna salad sandwich on 2 slices high fiber multigrain bread, 1 baked potato, 2 handful grapes
Snack: 1 small Gala apple
Dinner: Italiano salad....and other stuff I don't remember

Tuesday 02/02/10
Breakfast: 6-7 French Toast sticks, 1 banana
Lunch: Chicken Salad sandwich from Chik-fil-A and fries
Dinner: 1 banana, half cup milk

Exercise: 45 minutes running and walking, around 20 minutes of weight lifting.

I had a very good workout today! I can run longer!! I was so excited!! My goal is to run/jog for 30 minutes straight. But I hope my calves don't become bulkier. I've been trying all kinds of different ways to make my calves slimmer, but no luck. :/

I'm trying to wake up early at the same time around 5:30-6 AM
I turn my alarm clock on, but I end up snoozing for an hour!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How do you wake up in the morning??

Today, I went to the mall to return something at Victoria's Secret, but of course..I had to go to the MAC store!! >_<
I saw that the Spring Color Forecast collection came out online, but it doesn't come out until February 11 in stores. I'm so excited for the collection!! There's so many pretty colors, but I don't think I'll end up using them. I'll probably sell them or something...
media_springforecast001 media_springforecast002
media_springforecast003 media_springforecast004
media_springforecast005 media_springforecast006
media_springforecast007 media_springforecast008

I got five things today..
Bare Study Paintpot

Fresco Rose Paintpot

Rubenesque Paintpot

Equality Lipstick
Pretty Please Lipstick

(pictures from temptalia.com)

I was so happy the store had the paintpots because two of them were sold out online.
The colors are nothing like the pictures..I'll try to post pictures or make a video if you guys want me too..

I got my March Ranzuki issue today!!
I don't know if I'll have time to read it tonight, because I need to hurry up and go to sleep if I want to wake up tomorrow on time! I should be getting my Jelly and Popteen issues soon too.. :/

Sorry again for all words and no pictures!! :[
I'm trying to save up for a camera..I hope I'll have enough saved up by spring break!!!

God Bless <3

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