Saturday, January 23, 2010

support....spending spree..future..

My sister's accountability group at church and I are doing a diet together.
I'm so excited!
I'm finally getting the support I need and I'm not in this alone!
It's VERY HARD to diet by yourself. I tried countless times, but I always end up giving up in the middle and gaining everything back.
I need to find time in my schedule to work out too...
My goal is to be able to wear size 4-6 pants.
I think that's reasonable for girls tall like me.
I want to be toned too and slim legs...I hate running though!! Maybe I should jump rope?? But what if I get taller?!?! :O
I'm not too worried about weight numbers's going to depend on muscle and long as I can fit in a size 4, I'll be happy :]

Being part of an accountability group is great!
I never had true girl friends before..
For those who don't know what accountability group is, it's a group where you can rant, talk about your problems/struggles, support each other, and have fun.
All of us in the group are in college, and most of us are leaders at church. We don't have much time to talk to each other because we're in different groups and don't have time to really sit down and, it's nice to have sisters to talk to. Also, because it's a church group, our center focus is God.

I think it's a great idea for everyone to be in an accountability group, whether it's at church, school, neighborhood, or friends. No one wants to do anything by his or herself. It's hard and we see ourselves stumble many times, but with good friends, you can reach your goals! So, instead of saying and writing down goals and resolutions, how about taking that step and doing them?

Everyone is always talk talk talk. But those who succeed are the ones that get up and DO SOMETHING!! a side note..
My friend and I decided on the name sisterhood of the traveling bible, but all the other girls didn't like it. I thought it was pretty cool hahaha so, we're still thinking of a cool name..any suggestions??

Have you guys seen Kim Kardashian's new body?!?!?!

it's a body to die for!!!
One of these days this year, I will FINALLY have the body I wanted for so many many years!!

I also bought $265 of MAC products online...crazy??? I guess you could say that.
BUT I'm a MACaholic!!!
I recently started to collect MAC..I guess you could say it's a hobby?
I think I ordered about 20 things: 1 brush, 1 Eye Kohl, 1 Mineralize Blush, 1 Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, 1 eyeshadow palette, and 15 eyeshadows.
(The caps are not necessary, but there are just some people who never learn -___-)

I could be a makeup artist, but it's not realistic due to my cultural background. Darn Asian parents!!!
My parents always told me to do this and do that. I'm the oldest child in the family and on my mom's side, so I feel like I the duty to make them happy.
I don't even know what I like to this day...I don't know what I'm passionate for.
I was thinking of studying to be a pediatrician because I love kids, but will I like it in the future?
I don't want to regret anything..
I want to do something that helps people, but I don't necessarily have to be a doctor...I'm hoping I'll find the answer soon because I feel like time is running out... :/

OH and please pray for Haiti and do as much as you can to help!!
They need your help!!

Don't forget to enter for the giveaway and contest!!!
I forgot to mention this, but I'll be adding extra goodies for each winner! Tell your friends and fellow bloggers :]


kechiko said...

OMG Kim K looks AMAZING! *jealous!* Did you see their ad for Quick Trim?

Desiree said...

Accountability group sounds great! I had no idea there was such a thing. Do most churches have accountability groups? I would love to be apart of one!

grace said...

@kechiko: I did see the ad for Quick Trim..I want to try the pills, but I don't think diet pills are reliable :/

@Desiree: Um..I'm not sure if other churches have one, but you could ask one of your local churches.. If they don't it would be awesome if you started one :D

Anonymous said...

Wow her body looks great! I'm so jealous my thighs are like flabby D:
I began dieting too! but it is hard to do it alone,but I tend to motivate myself.Though this calorie stuff and exercise thing it hard to figure out.Anyways good luck! And let's see some pic's with your new make-up girly~