Sunday, January 17, 2010


The title says it all.
I've decided to have a giveaway and a contest because I feel like giving :]

So, I bought earrings from when I was in Korea last year and I saved them to give as gifts but they just looked better as prizes!

I’m also doing a giveaway as a thanks for those who follow/subscribe..I know my blog is boring, but I’m doing the best I can!! Blogs were something that I started for me. I wanted to have a journal/diary, but I thought an online one would be better because I don’t like it when I write and my hand starts to hurt..


Rules for the contest:
Lately , I’ve been collecting makeup, especially from MAC. It turned into a hobby I guess you can say and I REALLY like it even though I kill my wallet every single time I buy something.
Contest: Spring is on its way..slowly, SO create a spring look for 2010!! It can be something dramatic or something you can wear every day. Send me a picture or tutorial of the look and tell me what colors you used so maybe I can give it a try! :]

1) Everyone and anyone is allowed to enter!! So, tell your fellow bloggers and friends to enter!!

2) Submit your entry to my email: with the subject as BLOG CONTEST
Your submissions can be photos or videos..I prefer photos to make sure that I can open the file without a problem because I can be technologically challenged at times, but whatever floats your boat :]


There will be THREE winners!!
The prizes are
1. black Dior

2. silver/white Dior

3. four leaf clovers

4. bows

5. two hearts

6. three hearts

(sorry for the bad picture quality!! I'm still saving up for a digital camera >_<)
First place winner gets to pick ONE of the two Dior earrings and two other pairs.
Second place winner will receive the second pair of Dior earrings and gets to pick another pair.
Third place winner gets the last pair.
I will have a few people to help me judge this contest to make it fair!!

For the giveaway, one winner will receive two lotions from Victoria’s Secret.
A new scent called Secret Charm and a body lotion from VS PINK.

Rules are:
1) MUST be a follower/subscriber of one of my blogs: xanga, livejournal, blogspot
2) Can only enter once!! Reason is because I don’t want to go through a long list of comments
3) All you have to do is comment “enter me” under this post along with your email address
I’m going to enter all the names in a randomizer to be fair

Contest and giveaway is opened to US, CANADA, and INTERNATIONAL

AND I am going to donate $0.25 for every contest and giveaway entry to the American Red Cross to help Haiti!!!! I got this idea from Erica. I just recently subscribed to her YouTube channel (ericaleung13) and her blog ( I would really love to go help out, but because of the situation I’m in, donating will have to do. I STRONGLY encourage all of you to help out in any way possible whether it’s UNICEF, Invisible Children, Red Cross, other legit foundations profit or nonprofit, or volunteering in your local community.

The contest and giveaway will end on February 28th, so you’ll have a lot of time to get some ideas!! I hope it won't be too hard ^^;;

This is my first giveaway and contest, and I know the prizes are not great compared to all the other prizes bloggers give away. But, will get better!! I don’t know when, so I’m not going to make any promises. I will do my best though :]

Good luck you all of you, have fun and GOD BLESS!!!


Shaim said...

Thats so great !
Enter me please
Iam a follower Shaim
I heart earring

kechiko said...

Aww the jewelry is so cute! I just went to Seoul in October and all the accessories there are soooo nice!

Enter me please:

You're awesome for doing this!♥♪

♥ yuri ♥ said...

Oh great!
I never had part in this kind of thing xD
enter me!XD <3