Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feelin Lazy

One more week until FREEDOM!!
It's so close...yet SO far.


Hannah said...

I have one more week as well!! GOOD LUCK :) I love this song! and your blog- so happy to have found it :) xox

Ms.Thumbsup! said...

you start you week-ends on wednesdays ? =)

나니 said...

UGHHH is it weird that I absolutely HATE that video? >_<" The monkeys, the hip-thrusting, the 'no-pants-on'-thing that guys always do.. UGH it makes me uncomfortable. *hides*

Hahaha, awh thanks <3 I'd love to be able to eat ANYTHING without gaining weight! D: but yeah.. I have no idea how I lost the weight. It makes no sense to me either.
And hunnie, I'm one of those boring people who was born with lucky genetics. I never had a lot of zits and I never had acne. I get a pimple or a few zits around 'that time' or randomly once a month - maybe twice. That's it. I just try to keep my face clean, not touch it too much, use good creams for night and day and generally refrain from putting weird stuff on it. ^__^v