Saturday, January 29, 2011

Essie Spring 2011 -- French Affair

I recently just found out about Essie's new Spring 2011 collection called French Affair.

Coat Azure

French Affair

Nice is Nice

Sand Tropez

Topless and Barefoot

Kisses and Bisses


I absolutely LOVE the colors! because they remind me of spring and these colors are what I go to first. Don't take my word for it, but I heard the release date was in February but changed to late January? I also heard that Wal-Mart had them earlier than the release date, so check your local Wal-Mart. I know that I'm going to go to my local ULTA and see if it's out.

Does anyone know if they're already out by any chance? and will you be getting something from this collection??

God Bless <3


Dolce♥Bunny said...

ahhhhhhh!! The colors are just sooo nice!! I really love the french affair and the kisses and bisses! I wonder if they are out or not and if I can find them here :\


pretty colors, i always been a big fan of this brand!

Nazli said...

wow, i really LOVE this colour, too!

Tricia Isabela said...

Ooh, those colors are lovely!! I really need some new nail polish colors.. xD

Yumeko said...

those are gorgeous! too bad essie is too overpriced here [about usd25 a bottle!] but i hope i can find some dupes here!

Feline said...

oooh the nice is nice looks really nice! :D A lavender blue-ish gray? ♡

jezmacmania said...

omg these Essie polishes are GORGEOUS! MUST. HAVE. NOW.!

Mara said...

My favorite is the last one "kisses & bisses", it's such a unique shade. Definitely something I haven't seen yet. Please do a review on them when you do get them. :)