Monday, June 28, 2010


I'll be MIA for quite a bit for the next couple months.
My summer is jam packed with stuff to do!!

1. VBS (Vacation Bible School)....done
2. workshop prep
3. mission trip prep
4. mission trip for two weeks
5. summer retreat prep
6. summer retreat
7. school prep
8. early morning service/prayer
9. workout
10. church
11. camping

so..that's basically all the things all I'll be doing until August 16..ish

I've been getting my headaches again..which means that I've reached my unhealthy limit FML

Time to really start my life change!!

I'll try to post the things I've been doing, but I think I might just do one huge post on summer when I'm done with everything :/

until then...

xoxo grace

Friday, June 11, 2010

NAILS: Mint Candy Apple

I bought my first essie nail polish today..(even though I said I wouldn't shop until after my Peru trip -__-)


*Due to crappy lighting and camera the color shows up sky blue, but it's actually a minty green/sea green pastel color.

I think this would be a close dupe to China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint from the Up and Away collection.It's a bit lighter than essie. I believe the China Glaze one is cheaper too..probably in the $6-$8 range (depends on where you go). I got the essie one for $8.00 at my local Ulta store.

This color is great for spring and summer..especially great for St. Patrick's Day.
I'm still getting used to the color. Most times I get my nails done or paint them a light pink color. It's different, but not bad :]

till next post


Saturday, June 5, 2010

BLUSH: Hipness

I was VERY VERY excited for the MAC To The Beach collection


I was not able to buy all the things I wanted because I'm on a tight budget until I come back from Peru in August.

I got one thing

This blush first came out in the MAC Fafi collection, so I was excited to see it again. I really like the packaging of the new collection. It's very summery like the name implies haha

It's a pinky coral and it's a FROST POWDER BLUSH.
This blush gives a really nice rose colored blush when buffed into the skin.
(I'll try to post a picture when my lips are healed :[ I know my lips having nothing to do with my cheeks, but I don't like putting makeup on if something is wrong with my face hahaha..I know it does make sense sorry ^^;;)


It is SOLD OUT online..I'm not sure if they still have it at counters or stores, but by now I have a feeling it is. Maybe it'll be restocked online in a few weeks or so..let's hope!! *cross fingers*

I was VERY bummed out because the Marine Life Highlighter was SOLD OUT by the third day!! But it's okay...NOT REALLY :[

oh well :/

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DON'T SAY IT IS SO!!! plus Memorial Day


Today was the last day of real shopping..
I won't be able to buy makeup or clothes or shoes..NOTHING!!
only the essentials like food and gas.


June 10th is going to be my last day of working before my "VACATION"
I asked my store manager for two months off during the summer because I have MANDATORY things that I have to do.
1) VBS (Vacation Bible School)
2) Peru Mission Trip
3) Church summer retreat

I would go to work in between events, BUT I would only be working 1-2 weeks and none of my co-workers would like that..even though they don't care. The district manager wouldn't like it so...the store manager said that I could come back when fall semester starts.

So, I need to save the money for bills..and more bills sigh

I think this is my punishment or lesson from God... :[

oh well hahaha

On Memorial Day, my parents and youngest brother and I went to Estes Park.
I was debating whether I should go or not, but I haven't spend a lot of time with my family so I decided to go.

My brother and I rode go-karts, bumper boats, bumper cars, and mini golfed with dad.

My brother is really good!! He got two hole in ones!!
But mini golf turned into mini hockey hahaha

I tried this trampoline thingy and it was pretty scary haha
Little kids can jump higher and do flips and turns and I only thing I can do is jump and scream..I'm such a wuss hahaha

We came back home earlier than expected, so my parents showed me these model homes they really liked and then we ate some really tasty ribs..yum :]