Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hello there lovelies :]

I haven't been posting anything lately because I'm trying to catch up on my dramas!! I'm currently watching a Korean drama called's already done, but all my friends said that it was good, so I HAD to watch it.

I'll only watch a drama if I like the first episode..if it doesn't interest me, then I don't watch it. This one did and I'm liking it so far.

I've been busy with school, work, and church so I've been tired and lazy.
I'm STILL trying to figure out a schedule to finish everything and get things done on time...

I'm sorry to all the giveaway winners as well!!
I will send the prizes as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!

and...there's one more month left of school!! and I really have to bust my @$$ and study for exams.

The weather has been great too lately :] It's finally spring!! But it feels like summer here in only knows summer and winter, but then again stupid global warming and we're a mile high -___- I don't really want to get tan either >_<

I'll also be getting a haircut, but I don't think it'll be anytime soon.
Maybe after school ends?? :/

I'll be having a blog sale soon..most of the stuff is lipstick that I only used twice since I bought them. There recent purchases so don't worry!! But be on a look out for that.


sophia said...

Grace!! Don't worry at all about sending the package!! Like, seriously, just send whenever, even if it's in May or June! Please don't stress about it ok?

Speaking of hair cut, I need one too. My ends are sooo damaged and it's making it tangled >.<

Oooh I'm curious to see what kinds of lipsticks you'll put in your blogsale!

DSK said...

lol now u make me wanna watch another kdrama! Was Pasta as good as boys over flowers?