Wednesday, September 1, 2010

포화 속으로 --71 Into The Fire

The movie is about the South and North Korean war and 71 students who played a very important role in the war.

My mom told me that they were doing a special screening for this movie in the States and I think it's been out for a week..maybe longer? I don't know how long the movie will be in theaters, but there's only one theater here that is showing it. She also told me that the purpose was for students to really see what it was like during the war.

I was also excited when I heard that T.O.P, Kwon Sang Woo, Cha Seung Won along with other famous actors were in the movie.
The graphics were really good, but I don't think any good war movie can really capture the moment back in time.

I don't really know a lot of Korean history because I've lived in America for a really long time. So, I was very excited to go watch it.
After watching this movie, I really want to learn Korean history..I am Korean so it only makes sense to learn my history...there are more reasons but they sound racist so, I'll just keep them to myself

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