Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hello my lovely bloggers :]
I'm back...a bit too early though, which means I failed Lent sigh..
I broke it a couple weeks ago?? I tried not to give in, but unfortunately...... -__-
There's always next year I guess.. :/ *shrug*
I'm going to pick something that I can do..like giving up diet coke..I've been drinking diet sodas lately..mostly diet coke and I can't drink any other soda drink. Once you go diet, you can't go back haha. and because of diet coke, MY DIET FAILED!! Man...something has to be wrong with me. I keep failing everything that I do. Eh...if at first you don't succeed, try try again...or use duck tape

So, what have I been up to?

I've been going to school and working two jobs. It's very hard to work and go to school, but luckily I have the weekends off so I can catch up on some studying. Work is pretty slow, especially at the UPS store so I can study. But Burger King (yes, I work at a fast food restaurant and proud of it! HA!!) can be pretty busy. I can't believe how many people come a day to eat fast food! Sometimes it's the same people!! Working at a fast food restuarant is harder than it looks. Especially if you're working drive thru. You have to memorize orders one after another and service has to be speedy.

I think it's good experience to be working at a fast food restuarant. Maybe one day I'll open up my own restuarant? AND NEVER SAY NEVER!!! I told myself that I would NEVER work at a fast food restuarant, but look where I am now.

Again, the lesson is: NEVER SAY NEVER!!

My name tag on my jacket.....I don't like the mascot..he creeps me out >_<

School is...easy, which is very surprising. I'm taking three classes with two science labs. The hardest so far is Human Anatomy and Physiology. We have too many body parts and functions and cells and muscles and all that other stuff in our body...why? The human body is cool and all, but why did people have to figure it out?!?!! -___- I have to memorize EVERY SINGLE ONE!! and how it works and where it's located and why it's there..sigh. Luckily, the exams aren't that hard. I used to hate my teacher, but now I like her because she's giving me good grades on my exam hahaha.

I just remembered I have a project!!!....crap -___-

I haven't been able to exercise regularly and food..let's not even go there. Burger King is screwing me up!! Dx
But, I'm glad that I'm on spring break. I can FINALLY REST!
I'm always at school, work, and church the whole week...I need to find some way to manage my time...
I've been watching The Biggest Loser. It's very motivating, but my mind has not been motivated yet. Hmmmm..

So...that's what I've been doing for the past month or so.

and the giveaway that I posted like....three months ago?!?!?!!
I was not able to pick any winners yet, but I shall do that as soon as possible this week. Honestly, this giveaway was another fail..only 4 people entered? and I only have four entries..pretty pathetic, BUT I thank those who actually entered and for waiting patiently. I bet every single one forgot hahaha oh well.
So, look out for an email or blog post!!

I also got a camera!!! For free actually. My cousins each bought a camera from Best Buy, but one of the boxes had a USB cable and the other didn't. So, my mom called the store and they sent another camera, but without the USB. My mom was about it send it back, but I told her to keep it. A FREE CAMERA!!! You can't return something like that. It's not stealing either, because they gave it to us hahaha suckers x]
It's a Samsung TL100..I'm not really a big Samsung fan. I rather have a Nikon or Canon, but I got a free camera so I can't complain.
now I can finally post pictures!!! FINALLY!!

Until next time!

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sophia said...

Oh YAY welcome back!!!

And thank you times a million for the uber sweet package you sent me!! ♥♥♥ everything, especially the letter and stickers most of all ^_^

Dude, it doesn't surprise me how much people eat fast food ~~ my office mate has McDonald's 3x a week, and the breakfast like 2x a week... it smells up our office >.<

OMG anatomy sounds hard... I'm so bad at science!

And, I did forget about your giveaway, but I think I entered! Hehe I'm keeping my fingers crossed for myself :)

Enjoy your spring break!!!