Sunday, October 4, 2009

sauna...halloween costume

I went to a Korean sauna today with my mom. I feel so clean and refreshed!! :D You can't go wrong with a very warm bath and pho on a cold day like today :] But we didn't eat pho today...I wish we did, but instead I ate a salad because I wasn't feeling too god :/ I was in a hot mud room with my mom and I think I was in there for a good 15-20 minutes.. It was VERY hot!! I was sweating so much! As I was walking out and closing the door, I started to black out so I closed my eyes and stood there, but my mom woke me up and I was lying on the floor. I only remembered standing up, but not falling .___. I'm so unhealthy!! I'm turning sick again and I don't want that T_T Last time I was like this, my parents sent me to Korea to get better. I was better during the pageant..I shouldn't have gained weight afterwards!! I'm regret it so much x[ sigh... I guess it's time to start aaaaallllll oooovvvveeerrr bleh I just want my insides to get better :[ Pray for me!


I'm trying to find a Halloween costume too, but I don't know what I should be..
any suggestions??

I was thinking of doing something like this

but less dramatic?? I don't know if it's going to be appropriate because I'm going to volunteer for a Halloween party at church for the kids..maybe I should come up with a different idea?? :/


AnnaCleo said...

how nice!

i'm praying for you! ^-^ even tho i don't know you, i just hope you get better

Lisa said...

Feel better! Get healthier! Working out and eating healthier always makes me feel better. I've always wanted to go to a sauna =)